Understanding OCD

A Simple Explanation of OCD

The Core Fear

Is OCD Curable?

Pure O and Compulsive Rumination

Understanding Pure O: You Are Not Having Intrusive Thoughts All Day, You Are Ruminating

Defining Rumination

Why Rumination is a Continuous Loop

Rumination is a Compulsion, Not an Obsession, and That Means You Have to Stop

How to Stop Ruminating

I Know How to Stop Ruminating but I Can’t Seem to Stop All the Time

How are You Justifying Rumination?

ERP Exercises for Compulsive Rumination

‘Thought Suppression’ Has Nothing to Do with Rumination, so Why Does It Feel like You Can’t Stop?

Awareness, Attention, Distraction, and Rumination

What to Do When You’re Triggered

Ruminating about Ruminating

Why ACT and Other Mindfulness-Based Interventions are Not the Solution to ‘Pure O’

Other Types of OCD

When You Have OCD but You’re Not Afraid of Anything: Treating ‘Just Right’ OCD, Random Rituals, and Compulsive Behavior

Treating Two Types of Contamination OCD

Treating Sensorimotor OCD (AKA Somatic OCD)

Mark’s Gay and That’s It: A response to Mark-Ameen Johnson’s article about HOCD

For Therapists

Exposure is Never a Replacement for Response Prevention

Exposure Is About Learning, Not Habituation

What If Exposure Shouldn’t Make You Anxious?

ERP Exercises for Compulsive Rumination

It Matters How We Talk About OCD: The Importance of Using Language of Agency

Using Imaginal Exposure When Practicing ERP from the Perspective of Learning

Rethinking the Process and Treatment of Compulsive Rumination

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