Specialized Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychoanalytic Treatment for OCD

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist* specializing in the treatment of OCD, and the director of OCD Associates, a practice specializing in Rumination-Focused ERP.

Much of my work has focused on the cognitive-behavioral treatment of compulsive rumination, which I believe to be the cornerstone of all OCD and anxiety disorders, and which is the primary symptom in ‘Pure O’ (e.g., HOCD, ROCD, POCD) and sensorimotor OCD.

I have spent the past few years exploring psychoanalytic perspectives on OCD in order to better understand and treat the emotional and relational roots of this disorder. My current work focuses on integrating cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic treatments for OCD, to craft an integrative approach that addresses not only symptoms, but also the underlying dynamics that generate these symptoms in the first place.

My mission is to make OCD treatment as precise and effective as possible, and to create resources that anyone can use to help themselves or their patients. I created this website as a home for these resources. I am continually working on adding new content and revising old content as my thinking evolves.

Whether you’re visiting this site because you have OCD, help people with OCD, or love someone with OCD, I hope you find what you need.

OCD is treatable. Don’t give up.




*My license number is 30206.