Three Types of OCD Cases

Three Types of OCD Cases: Integrating Malan’s Model of OCD with the Core Fear Model As discussed here, an individual’s OCD symptoms are aimed at avoiding a specific form of emotional distress, or Core Fear.  And as discussed here, OCD symptoms are aimed at preventing a loss of attachment. So is the Core Fear always […]

ERP Exercises for Compulsive Rumination

I use the series of exercises in this article to help patients practice eliminating compulsive rumination.   Per Targets and Rationales for RF-ERP Exposures, the goal of these exercises is not to make the patient anxious.  Rather, the goal is for them to learn that they can control rumination, even when they encounter a trigger. Some […]

Rumination-Focused Case Conceptualization

Please note that Rumination-Focused ERP is a new and evolving approach to ERP. It has not yet been researched, and therefore to the extent that it differs from classical ERP, it is not evidence-based. An effective treatment plan starts with an accurate understanding of what’s causing the problem, also known as a case conceptualization.  RF-ERP […]