Causal Justifications *

* Published December 2022 Causal Justifications Introduction A central component of RF-ERP is challenging the ways in which a person justifies ruminating. In order to argue effectively against a justification, one must first fully understand it. This entails helping the patient to formulate exactly why they think it is important to ruminate. Patients are usually […]

Anatomical Models of Rumination *

* Published December 2022 Anatomical Models of Rumination Rumination as defined in RF-ERP captures all sorts of different thought processes. Taking a closer look at these thought processes can be helpful in various ways. This article presents a few different anatomical models one might use to organize the content of someone’s rumination.  Notably, these models […]

What to Do When You’re Triggered

This article offers some guidance regarding how to handle some experiences that people with OCD deal with. Case #1: An Average Trigger or No Trigger You’re walking down the street minding your own business when your obsession comes into awareness.  There may have been a trigger or it may just have occurred to you out […]