Is OCD Curable?

It is commonly accepted that OCD is a chronic condition for which there is no cure.  This idea is frequently used as an excuse for incomplete treatment, especially of compulsive rumination.  Many patients who have completed ERP no longer do any physical compulsions but still ruminate.  These patients are often told that the reason they’re […]

The Core Fear

Understanding the Core Fear is foundational to effective treatment of OCD, and can unlock even the most baffling cases. Dr. Elna Yadin introduced the idea that each person with OCD has a ‘Core Fear,’ and that their avoidance and compulsions are aimed at preventing it.  This idea is very powerful, because OCD symptoms can seem […]

A Simple Explanation of OCD

Many people see OCD as a random and complicated disorder, but it’s actually neither of the above.  The goal of this article is to provide a clear and simple framework for conceptualizing this disorder.  And off we go… Everyone has a worst fear. While most people would describe their worst fear in terms of a […]